Enter the Vault

Decend into the nightmare that is the Vault of the Void. Collect cards to modify your deck as you go so you can adapt to the challenges you'll face. A new single player card game that allows you to customise your deck and cards as you progress through each run. Use Void Stones to unleash modified cards of your creation to defeat the insidious minions that stand between you and The Void.

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Your deck - your way.

Vault of the Void is not a Deck Builder. You’ll have a chance to change you deck before each fight. Different encounters may require you to change and adapt your strategy before taking on a creature or guardian. Quickly switching out Bleed cards in favour of Strength gain could be the difference between victory, or an agonising defeat.

The more you play, the more you’ll learn about each mob group, and which deck type would be best suited to handle the challenge ahead.

Customise your Cards

One of the most unique features in Vault of the Void is the ability to customise your cards. You’ll gather Void Stones as you progress through a run, and have the ability to socket them into any card in your library, giving them extra abilities.

Take the humble Master Slash for example, which will deal 5 damage. Taking a Yellow Void Stone will now also grant you 2 Block. Or maybe a Blue Void Stone, which now gives it the added ability of "Draw a Card". There's hundreds of variations to try out, and how each of these interact with each other is part of the fun (and learning) that comes as you play.

But that's not all! The variations continue, as all cards have the ability evolve into more dynamic and powerful versions! Turn any humble card into potent backbones of your strategy that are only further enhanced with those precious Void Stones you collect.

Fast paced combat

Vault of the Void offers card fights that are fast paced and familiar, with some subtle unique changes.

Although you’ll regain some energy at the start of each turn, Purging cards gives you the final decision on which cards you should play, and which you should sacrifice to setup for later turns.

As creatures attack during their turn, they’ll increase your Threat. At the end of your next turn, your Threat stack will trigger, dealing damage to your hit points equal to its total value. Play Block cards to reduce your Threat reactively, and make the hard choice between damage, or survival.

Booster Packs?

When you start a run, and as you progress, you’ll gain Booster packs to give you more options during the fights ahead. Fleshing out a well rounded library of cards is critical as the fights get tougher, and the strategies get more involved.

Plus so much more!

  • Over 150 player cards
  • Unlockable Deck Backs
  • Player Spells and Abilities
  • Over 50+ monsters
  • 6 different Void Stones, giving each card up to 7 variations
  • Over 40+ Artifacts
  • Curses!
  • Player Classes

The Minons of the Void await...

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